Faith thinking seminar

The University of Otago Theology Programme has been partnering with local churches to run Faith Thinking events since 2013. The format, involving faculty and other knowledgeable teachers connected with the Programme, offers five hours of engagement, usually over a Friday night and Saturday morning. 

Faith Thinking events offer an introduction to a wide range of areas related to Christian faith: the Bible, theology, pastoral realities, church history, spirituality and mission, ethics. Over the last nine years, over 800 people have attended Faith Thinking events hosted in Dunedin, Invercargill, Timaru, Christchurch and Queenstown. 

Over the last couple of years, due to COVID realities, we have also introduced 1-hour evening Faith Thinking lectures hosted on Zoom. These have been very well attended. Anyone interested in being put onto an email list to receive information about these online lectures and other Faith Thinking events, please send your email address to:

In September 2022 we are delighted to be running our first Faith Thinking event in Wellington – in partnership with St John's in the City Presbyterian Church.

Faith Thinking Short Course in Wellington

Living Faithfully in the Anthropocene:
Theological Imagination and Ecological Practices for the Church

Surrounded and daily reminded of the ‘ecological wounds’ of our current reality, how might the Church live faithfully? This short Faith Thinking course explores how the Christian tradition might awaken our imagination and nourish new (ancient) ways of inhabiting the world – offering theologies and practices that respond to the ecological challenges we face.

Dr Andrew Shepherd – Lecturer in Theology and Public Issues.
Friday Sept 23rd (7.00pm -9.00pm)
Saturday Sept 24th (9.00am -12.30pm)
St John's in the City Presbyterian Church, 170 Willis Street, Wellington Cost: $20 per person
To register, go to:

Contributed by Dianne Gilliam-Weeks