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Michelle Bolger

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Parish Clerk

Sandy Lang
562 8753 and 021 222 0383


Peter Burke

St Ronan's Record

Jan Heine

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Sandy Lang

Giving Envelopes

Helen Withy

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Susan Connell

Pastoral Care

Colin Dalziel


Michelle Bolger


phone on 562 7583

9-11am Tuesdays

Finance & Property 
Warren Bolger, Ren Davies, Peter Burke, Simon Shaw

Prue Barker, Malcolm Burdan, Colin Dalziel, Diane Gilliam-Weeks, John Jones, Sue Jones, Anne Manchester, Nola Rough, Jane Shaw, Simon Shaw, Reg Weeks, Irene Young.

The PCANZ offers a confidential complaints process.
Presbytery Central has appointed the following people to independently advise and support anyone who wishes to make a complaint about a minister, office bearer or church member. For Wellington:
Mrs Ruth-Mary James
Phone: 04 472 2846 Email:
Ms Rosemary Wells
Phone: 04 293 7421 Email:
For further information on the complaints process see or phone the PCANZ Complaints Officer on 0800 424 872