Mainly Music

On Thursday October 25 th 2014 we celebrated 10 years of making preschool music in Eastbourne. We had a wonderful morning of songs and thank you to all the people who have made this possible. We enjoyed the morning with all the morning tea helpers and people who have been involved in loving and supporting our children and mums. 

Our fantastic community photographer – Uncle Phil – took a photo of us all and we had this enlarged and placed on a cake. He also gave each of the families a photo of the group to take home.

Special acknowledgement must go to Libby Bloomfield who brought the concept of Mainly Musicto our community of parents and children in Eastbourne.

We have a very special team of helpers and leaders committed to the families of Eastbourne and so this was an appropriate way to thank each one of you who do support us.

No matter how young or old you are, Mainly Music does play a special role each week in bringing joy and happiness to many people whether they be the helpers/leaders/parents or children. We are so aware of how wonderful a community we live in, when we can run this great programme and have the church hall overflowing each week with the many young families that live in Eastbourne. Thank you to the community of St Ronan’s that make this possible.

If you are considering what you can do for the community please get involved with us. For 2 hours a term you get to be with some wonderful young families and enjoy some special community and family time with us.