We worship every Sunday at 9:30am with communion on the second Sunday of the month

Our church based Sunday services recommenced after lockdown on Pentecost Sunday, May 31. Services will continue to also be available via email (contact slang@xtra.co.nz) and a new facebook page (contact reg@centralconsulting.co.nz). 

July 2020

5 July Worship with Ray Coates 9:30am / e-time
12 July Holy Communion with Reg Weeks 9:30am / e-time
19 July Worship with Norman Wilkins 9:30am / e-time
26 July Worship with Liz Barrow 9:30am / e-time
2 Aug Worship with Ross Scott 9:30am / e-time

e-time=your time=anytime

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Good Friday Reflection Rev Reg Weeks : 10 April 2020

Sermon  Rev John Howell : 19 January 2020

Hope is Absolutely Necessary  Rev Norman Wilkins : 17 November 2019


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