We worship every Sunday at 9:30am with communion on the second Sunday of the month

2 July - Rev Peter McKenzie - Tartan Day
9 July - Communion with Rev Leanne Munro
16 July - Rev Norman Wilkins
23 July - John Harris
30 July - Rev Doug Rogers

Tartan Day 

Sunday 2nd July is Tartan Day so put on your kilt, or tartan sash, and flourish them at the morning service.

Eastbourne Winter Series 2017

Pre-election thinking – hopes and possibilities

A series of four lectures hosted by St Ronan’s Presbyterian Church beginning at 2:30pm in the church (234 Muritai Road) followed by afternoon tea in the hall.

Has education lost its way?  

Dr Deborah Stevens & Dr Lynne Bowyer - 2:30pm Sunday July 23 

Is our current outcomes-driven school curriculum structurally capable of preparing young people to care for the future? Have educational policies traded the nurturing of human values for positions on a league table? How can we re-humanise our teaching and learning?

The other lectures…

What hope is there for peace? August 6 with Dr Rebecca Dudley

The digital tooth-fairy and the importance of public service media August 20 with Dr Peter Thompson

 See the full programme.

Taizé services 

The next Taizé service for this winter is on 6 August at 6:30pm. Join us for this candlelight service with words and images projected and the chants recorded and sung by the Taizé choir and others, backed by entrancing instrumentation. There will be readings and there will be silence, along with the opportunity to light a candle for a loved one or for some concern that lies heavy on your heart. 

Latest Sermon:  Reflection on loving God: Rev Norman Wilkins - May 21 2017 

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Some favourites:

Call to worship for Pentecost:

Come, Holy Spirit,
Come as the tui in the morning,
awakening our hearts with your song.
Come as the fantail at noonday,
 gladdening your world with joy.
Come as the blackbird at evening,
 bringing blessing and peace.
Come to us today,
  that we may sing to the Creator, on this day of Pentecost,
and seek healing for the wounds of creation
and find peace through our worship together.


As the whirr of unseen wings tell us of the flight of the keruru,
may the blessing that surrounds us speak of God’s love.
As the call of the morepork sounds in the loneliness of the night,
may we recognise the companionship of the Christ in our dark times.
As the song of the tui peals melody to the hills and sky and bush,
May your joyous spirit sing through us into the world around us. Amen.

©  Beverley L. Osborn, Gifts in Open Hands, 2011,Pilgrim Press


May our living be God inspired.
May our words be heaven filled. 
May our hope be Spirit crammed. 
May our choices be justice shaped.
May our faith be truth inspired.
May our journey be love breathed.
And may God be in our every step.