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Worship in the new World  Rev Merv Aitken 26 Sept
To Judge, or not to Judge Rev Reg Weeks 9 Sept
People of the Burning Bush Rev Reg Weeks 12 Aug
Spacious family home, built to last  Neville Gardner 22 July
Religion’s only future is agnosticism Rev Norman Wilkins 20 May 
The Twelve Rev Reg Weeks 13 May
Remember the Poor: Berhampore Community Ministry Rev Bruce Hamill 18 April
Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? Rev Reg Weeks 14 Jan


The old, old story Rev Norman Wilkins 19 Nov
The Wedding Banquet Rev Reg Weeks 12 Nov
Standing firm Rev Reg Weeks 15 Oct
Sermon Rev John Howell 27 Aug
A personal soil analysis Rev Norman Wilkins 16 July
Reflection on Loving God Rev Norman Wilkins 21 May
How Did the Cowards of Gethsemane Become the Heroes of Pentecost? Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 16 April
How to sustain the weary Rev Reg Weeks 9 April
Coming down the mountain    Rev Reg Weeks             12 March
You have heard it said . . .                Rev Reg Weeks 12 Feb
Epiphany ~ Following the Star Rev Reg Weeks 8 Jan


Sermon Rev John Howell 6 Nov
Seek the welfare of the city Rev Reg Weeks 7 Oct
Can we really hack the Jesus pace? Rev Norman Wilkins 17 July
So that everyone has enough Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 10 July
The Cross and Evolution Rev Norman Wilkins 15 May
Jesus' politically incorect way of worship Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 1 May
A Thankful Celebration Rev Reg Weeks 10 April
Prodigal Son Rev Reg Weeks 16 March
A dry and weary land Rev Reg Weeks 28 Feb