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Worship in the new World  Rev Merv Aitken 26 Sept
Spacious family home, built to last  Neville Gardner 22 July
Religion’s only future is agnosticism Rev Norman Wilkins 20 May 
The Twelve Rev Reg Weeks 13 May
Remember the Poor: Berhampore Community Ministry Rev Bruce Hamill 18 April
Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? Rev Reg Weeks 14 Jan


The old, old story Rev Norman Wilkins 19 Nov
The Wedding Banquet Rev Reg Weeks 12 Nov
Standing firm Rev Reg Weeks 15 Oct
Sermon Rev John Howell 27 Aug
A personal soil analysis Rev Norman Wilkins 16 July
Reflection on Loving God Rev Norman Wilkins 21 May
How Did the Cowards of Gethsemane Become the Heroes of Pentecost? Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 16 April
How to sustain the weary Rev Reg Weeks 9 April
Coming down the mountain    Rev Reg Weeks             12 March
You have heard it said . . .                Rev Reg Weeks 12 Feb
Epiphany ~ Following the Star Rev Reg Weeks 8 Jan


Sermon Rev John Howell 6 Nov
Seek the welfare of the city Rev Reg Weeks 7 Oct
Can we really hack the Jesus pace? Rev Norman Wilkins 17 July
So that everyone has enough Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 10 July
The Cross and Evolution Rev Norman Wilkins 15 May
Jesus' politically incorect way of worship Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks 1 May
A Thankful Celebration Rev Reg Weeks 10 April
Prodigal Son Rev Reg Weeks 16 March
A dry and weary land Rev Reg Weeks 28 Feb


Jesus, children, baptisms Rev Michelle Shin 27 Dec
Christ and Creation Revd Canon Peter Stuart 22 Nov
Simple Gifts Rev Reg Weeks 1 Nov
There Has To Be Another Way       John Harris 9th Oct
Tradition of the Elders Rev Reg Weeks 6th Sept
I am the Bread of Life Rev Michelle Shin 9th August
The Yoke of Yeshua    Rev Reg Weeks 2nd August
My grace is sufficient for you... Rev Michelle Shin 12th July
The story of Pentecost that gave us birth Rev Michelle Shin 24th May
Replacing the old Noes with a Yes Rev Norman Wilkins 17th May
To Love Rev Michelle Shin 10th May
Love and the War Rev Michelle Shin 25th Apr
Have Faith in God Rev Michelle Shin 22nd Mar
Meeting God Rev Michelle Shin 8th Mar
Seeing the blue sky through the roof Rev Michelle Shin 22nd Feb
A beginning Rev Michelle Shin 8th Feb
Opening Prayer for Rev Michelle Shin's induction Les Molloy 29th Jan
Beginning a journey, hearing a call to follow  Peter McKenzie 18th Jan
My chat with Santa Ross Scott 4th Jan


Musical Moments Pam Davis 9th Nov
Matthew 5:1–12 Rev Norman Wilkins 2nd Nov
Sermon based on the story of the wedding banquet
Baptism reading 
Rev Norman Wilkins 12 Oct
Sermon on Isaiah 5: 1-7,  Matthew 21: 33-42 Rev Ian McCallum 5th October
Our nation, culture, values, traditions, democracy, and the rule of Law. Geoff Mann 20th Sept
Can we be the New Jerusalem? Rev Norman Wilkins 7th Sept
The parable of the wheat and the weed Rev Michelle Shin 20th July
Refugees, the Church and Politics Rev Norman Wilkins 6th July
Sermon Dr Richard A. Davis 29th June
Personal Devotions  John Harris 8th June
What clouds does Jesus return on? Rev Norman Wilkins 1st June
Notes for God Unknown Rev Doug Rogers 25th May
Living Stones Dr Richard A. Davis 18th May
Welcome Palm Sunday  David Douglas 3rd April
Reading: Matthew 5:1-12 Rev Ian McCallum 2nd Feb