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Make hope my story…

February 2018

“Make Hope My Story” was the theme of this year’s CWS Christmas Appeal to which St Ronan's gave generously to raising $826.50.

Quoting from a letter from Pauline McKay, National Director of CWS.

"Your gift will mean many more families get the help that makes them stronger for an uncertain future. Refugee children with education will have more options. Disease victims will have many more fruit trees and larger gardens. Dalit women will have the skills to win more basic services like running water and streetlights at their local council meetings.

Thank you for listening to the stories of our partners working in their communities who need more resources to make hope visible.

You are part of their story – thank you. Working together we can make hope our story".

Douglas Day, CWS Advocate at St Ronans

December 2017

“Make Hope My Story” is the theme of this year’s CWS Christmas Appeal.

At Christmas, hope is the story we need to find afresh. We can share hope with a young Syrian refugee who can focus on a maths problem rather than the troubles at home thanks to the work of the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees.

We can find hope in the new trees and root crops, planted by Filipinos determined to recover what they lost in Typhoon Haihyan.

By training communities how to respond in case of disaster, we discover the hope of people looking after each other and knowing what to do.

This and more is the work of the Christmas Appeal. People who are hungry will get food for today and the means to grow a good garden. Children who have fled war and conflict, will be able to go to school and have time to play. Communities vulnerable to climate change will learn the skills they need to survive floods and replace lost livelihoods. Your gift will make you part of their story, their hope.

At the end of 2017, the world is looking more unstable. Your donation to the Christmas Appeal will make the hopes and prayers of people facing violence, poverty and injustice come true. Years of experience and strong local networks give CWS partners the local advantage. They help now and set people up for the future.

Your gift and prayers will help many more families. Please give generously to the 2017 Christmas Appeal. Let’s make hope our story.

Accompanying this Record is an Appeal envelope for you to use, right up until Christmas Day. Your envelope may be deposited in the offering plates through the months of November and December 2017. Alternatively you may post the envelope directly to CWS in Christchurch.

Douglas Day, CWS Advocate at St Ronans
November 2017

See the CWS website for the 2017 Christmas Appeal for more information.

CWS News - Enterprise in Nicaragua 

Luis (24 yr) leads community development in Malacatoya, a rural village outside San Jose de los Remates and 96 km from capital city Managua. 

In 2013, he and two other farmers gained access to water from a motorised irrigator pump to pump water to their farms. Hearing of the effects of the 2014 drought, they gave the pump to a neighbouring community facing hunger and starvation. “We could manage without it,” said Luis. Now growing 25 different crops using organic techniques and a rotation system, his life has improved. Grateful for the progress his community has made, he spoke very highly of CEPAD (Council or Protestant Churches of Nicaragua). 

The 2013 drought was very long and hard. They had enough clean water to drink but not enough to irrigate. “So, it was amazing when CEPAD brought the irrigator pump and trained us how to use it." Said Luis. The system will allow them to harvest basic crops year round to provide food for their families and increase their incomes. 

In Nicaragua, there are two seasons – a six-month dry season and a six-month wet season. The drought ended in May but many farmers are still struggling with water supply and to repair fields and crops damaged by the drought. 

CEPAD first arrived in Malacatoya about five years ago. Back then, most farmers planted only corn. Now they grow more than 25 different crops. They began by bringing interested members from eight small communities together to decide what they needed and to form a cooperative. From CEPAD, he and other farmers learned about crop rotation and organic practices that reduce the amount of water needed. They also provided seeds, plants, trees and the pump. According to Luis, the best result of the changes is a healthy future for his 16-month-old daughter, Ingrid Alexa. “Her health is going to be better, her life is going to be better” 

Now confident the cooperative is strong, CEPAD is winding up its work in Malacatoya and will begin the process again with a new community. 
CWS Advocate at St Ronan’s Douglas Day
August 2017

St Ronan’s gave CWS some Hope this Christmas 2016

A Nepalese father and child are the faces of the 2016 Christmas Appeal, “Give Us Hope”.   Like many others who have survived a disaster, the father wants to make sure his family recovers quickly.  With a little extra help, the family could be doing much better.  Christian World Service works with local partner groups in 20 countries to make hope happen for those who need it most.  Your gift will give food, education and healthcare to families determined to survive war, disaster and poverty. 

Thank you St Ronan’s for the contributions made at Christmas of $1,563.00. 
Douglas Day, CWS Advocate at St Ronan’s

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