Christian World Service

Christchurch mosque Attacks

Christian World Service is grateful for the messages of support we have received from partners and friends following the brutal attacks on March 15, 2019. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with the people who have died, those with injuries and grieving for loved ones. Our prayers are for members of the Muslim community, here and overseas. Where there is fear and hatred, we pray and work for peace.

We reach out to all those who live in violent spaces. Knowing that change happens when people are willing to pray and take action. At a time when we all feel the brutality of this crime, we encourage people to take action in the name of peace and understanding. If we want the violence to end, we must invest in the difficult task of peacemaking, learning to accommodate our differences, and creating space for dialogue and justice.

Many kind people have contacted us offering financial support. We have undertaken to find the best avenue for all donations we receive. We are in direct contact with a number of groups providing help in the community. A staff member is attending meetings organised by the City Council to coordinate responses. 

Make hope my story…

February 2018

“Make Hope My Story” was the theme of this year’s CWS Christmas Appeal to which St Ronan's gave generously to raising $826.50.

Quoting from a letter from Pauline McKay, National Director of CWS.

"Your gift will mean many more families get the help that makes them stronger for an uncertain future. Refugee children with education will have more options. Disease victims will have many more fruit trees and larger gardens. Dalit women will have the skills to win more basic services like running water and streetlights at their local council meetings.

Thank you for listening to the stories of our partners working in their communities who need more resources to make hope visible.

You are part of their story – thank you. Working together we can make hope our story".

Douglas Day, CWS Advocate at St Ronans