The Record

All our on site facilities are closed during the COVID 19 lockdown period. 

We continue with our own local Sunday services which are shared via email (contact and a new facebook page (contact Selected sermons will be added to the website.

Please contact any one of the Local Ministry Team if you need any assistance over this time.

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 February ( 2.3 Mb) March (2.2 Mb)  April( 1.9 Mb)


  March (1.6 Mb)  April ( 2.3 Mb)  May ( 1.7 Mb)
June ( 1.8  Mb)
 August (1.5Mb)  September (1.1Mb)
October (1.2Mb) November ( 1.7Mb) December (1.6Mb)


February (3.9Mb) March (1.6 Mb) April (1.3 Mb) May (1.3 Mb)
June ( 1.2 Mb) July ( 1.3 Mb) August (1.5 Mb) September  (1.5 Mb)
October  November (1.1 Mb) December (1.8Mb)


February (3.9Mb) March (4.9Mb) April (4.1Mb) May (3.0Mb)
June ( 3.9Mb) July (6.4Mb) August ( 3.2Mb) September (0.7Mb)
October (2Mb) November (2Mb) December ( 3.8Mb)


February (2.3Mb) March (3.5Mb) April (2.7Mb) May (2.2Mb)
June (2.3Mb) July (5.8Mb) August (4.5Mb)  
October (3.5Mb) November (2.9Mb)


February (5.3Mb) March (4.4Mb) April (1.3Mb) May (1.0Mb)
June (3.9Mb) July (2.0Mb) August (1.6Mb) September (2.2Mb) 
October (2.7Mb) November (3.1Mb) December (4.2Mb)  


    December (4.1Mb) Christmas Special (0.9Mb)