St Ronan's parish is blessed with caring, giving people who look for opportunities "to show the love of Christ through serving our community" as stated in our church mission. Below are some of the practical ways that St Ronan's people are sharing information, helping, getting involved and making a difference.

 We use fairtrade coffee and tea in our fellowship lounge and encourage our parishioners to do likewise.

Every Sunday - food is collected in church and given to the Lower Hutt Foodbank. You can easily support this cause by bringing non-perishable items to church on Sundays.

This a recent letter received by St Ronan’s…
I am writing on behalf of the Lower Hutt Foodbank Committee to offer our sincere gratitude to your congregation for their generous support.
We at the Foodbank greatly appreciate the continued support of your church with its regular donations of food for the many families in the Hutt who are in need. We are largely dependent upon the ongoing generosity from the Hutt community, and yours and other churches are our most consistent donors. 
https://productsfromnz.com/pics/big_1781.jpgWe can always use basic food items such as tins of food, cereals, pasta and sauces, jam and peanut butter, sugar, flour, tea and soup. Excess veges and fruit from your gardens is always well received too. Please pass on our grateful thanks to all who contribute. 

Under today’s economic conditions, and particularly during this time with Covid causing many families to struggle to make ends meet, we are especially grateful for your help. Most of those who approach the Foodbank do so as a last resort, to gain some extra assistance to provide for their families when things are at their worst.   
As the Foodbank is primarily a volunteer organisation with no government funding, it is only through the generosity of the community throughout the Hutt Valley that we are able to assist these families. Your generosity has made a big difference to their lives.  
Once again thank you. Your willingness to help those less fortunate than ourselves is very much appreciated.  
Jenny Whimp, Lower Hutt Foodbank

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