At work in the community with Randwick School

Update March 2021

Over the last eight years St Ronan’s support for Randwick School has expanded from reading support, to helping with their breakfast club, school garden, donations towards a bike track and books for the library. Many pupils come from homes where English is not their first language, but they are eager to develop their English reading skills. For these and other pupils, some additional supported reading at school helps boost their confidence and comprehension. If you enjoy working with children and supporting their development, you may like to consider joining the St Ronan’s volunteers at Randwick. The time commitment is around 90 minutes a week during the school year. Please contact me if you are interested in making a positive difference in 2021.

Simon Shaw 0292 789 947

Update on the Randwick bikes, April 2019

Randwick School Principal, Simone Goodall, has sent a card thanking St Ronan’s for our $332.20 contribution to their set of school bicycles. Our thanks go to Susan and helpers who ran a successful bake stall last year. The school now has a full fleet of bikes and the students are enjoying developing their bike skills on their bike track. Their card has this artwork and a message: 

Dear St Ronan’s Thank you very much for your generous donation of $332.20 to our school set of bikes. We now have a full fleet of bikes and students are enjoying these greatly as well as improving their fitness. Thank you for your continued support of Randwick School Regards, Simone Goodall

Randwick School Bike Track and Class Set of Bikes

Here is an update from the 8 November Randwick newsletter...

We are committed to establishing Bikes in Schools  at Randwick School. We have raised enough money to build our bike tracks but now we need your help to raise funds for a classroom set of bikes. Having a classroom set of bikes is an integral part of Bikes in Schools because it ensures that all our students get the opportunity to learn to ride a bike, develop their cycle skills and have fun on the bike tracks we are building. Having a classroom set of bikes is about equity. We also want to develop increased resilience in our children, allowing them to take risks in a safe environment. Having a classroom set of bikes will mean that all our students can benefit from our bike track.  We hope to purchase 50 bikes in a range of 4 sizes (from new entrant to adult), a helmet for each student (175), as well as a bike storage container (a shipping container with roller doors added). 

Do you own a business or know someone that does?
We would like to invite your business to sponsor one bike ($300 incl GST), or one helmet ($20 incl GST), or a contribution towards the storage container. Donations made to Randwick School are tax deductable and all sponsors will be listed on a sign beside the tracks, which will be accesible to the public outside of school hours. Sponsors will also be thanked in our school newsletter and on our website. Why are we committed to the Bikes in Schools programme? We are keen to help our children develop a love of cycling. The track will help promote healthy lifestyles and a develop childrens' confidence to use cycling as a mode of transport. We hope to reduce road traffic around our school, making it a safer place where sustainability is a focus. The bike tracks will be available to the public and we hope that he school will become a central hub in our local community.   Donations can be made directly to our school bank account with a reference to Bikes in Schools and your business name so that we can provide you with a GST receipt OR directly to our Give a Little Page   Our bank account details are:
Randwick School Trustees Account ANZ 060529 0323264 00 

August 2017

Bikes for Randwick School

Randwick School has started fundraising for a classroom set of bicycles and helmets. This is part of the Bikes in Schools programme which aims to encourage all children to learn to ride a bike, to gain confidence and self esteem. Having a full classroom set of bikes will allow all children at the school to have access to a bike. The bikes will be stored in a secure container. Randwick is also raising funds to develop a bike track at the school to help riders develop their road skills. The bike track will also be available for community use. 

If you would like to support either or both of these causes the school has set up two ‘Give a Little’ pages:
For bikes go to
and for bike-track go to 

Alternatively you can put a donation in the plate one Sunday. Put it in an envelope clearly marked RANDWICK. If you add your name or envelope number your donation will be combined with your other donations in a tax receipt at the end of the FY. Alternatively, you can donate by internet banking to St Ronan’s BNZ bank account 02-0544-0142859-000 you must mark this Randwick (reference) else it will go into our general fund and your name (code) else you won’t get a tax receipt for it. Simon Shaw 

September 2016

To our St Ronan’s Readers

I just want to email you to pass on some fantastic news to share with your lovely team of Readers.
At our team meeting, we have been analysing the students’ testing and discussing the reasons which we think have helped the students make progress. We thought that the extra reading that the children are getting with your team is making such a difference to our kids and we are seeing a lot of upwards movement in their progress.
So please pass on to your team that we are so grateful for your support.
Kay Berry, Randwick School