What's On

July 2019

7 July
Worship with David Jackson (Scot’s College Chaplain) 
Come in your kilt (or any other Scottish items) for Tartan Sunday

14 July Holy Communion with Diane Gilliam Weeks 9.30am
21 July Worship with Norman Wilkins 9.30am
28 July Worship with Reg Weeks 9.30am
4 Aug Worship with Gill Burke 9.30am

Power Hour and Wiggly Church - Sundays 9:30am in Term time

Breakfast Prayer - Tuesdays 7.30am 

Mainly Music – Thursdays 9.15am term time

For pastoral care needs, please contact our Pastoral Care Co-ordinators,

Colin Dalziel 562 7238 and Mary Williams 568 3216 who will endeavour to co-ordinate help

Special Events:

Tartan Sunday July 7

Come along to this not-to-be-missed service which will be led by David Jackson, Chaplain, Scot’s College. All Scottish attire welcomed!

A live performance...Monday 22 July

The Eastbourne Retired Persons Association(ERPA) has organised alive performance of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ with the ‘ Hutt Valley High Community Theatre Company’. Four actors (senior drama students at HVHS) will present this show on Monday 22 July at St Ronan’s Hall.This show will appeal to the young and to the old. You don’t have to be retired or even elderly to come along– all are welcome...! The show starts at 2.30 pm but please come early (2 pm?) to get a good seat.

The 50 minute show will be followed by afternoon tea and an opportunity to talk with the actors.The afternoon will end about 3.45 pm.

Jean and Gordon Parr

Alpha course

St Ronan’s will be hosting the new Alpha programme from Thursday 1 August at 12.15pm.
The format each week consists of eating together, a video presentation and then open discussion, where people have an unrestricted opportunity to explore the topic, share their thoughts and their questions in a safe, unpressured environment.

So whether the faith is a whole new world to you, or one in which you have lived and laboured long, here is an opportunity for a fresh perspective and new insights.

Contact Reg Weeks or Sandy Lang for details

Toolbox Parenting Courses

The first Toolbox Parenting Course for 2019 was in Term 2 for parents of teenage children. This ‘teens’ course was a resounding success, the nine participants are now much wiser. 

We will re-run the courses for parents of Pre-school children in Term 3 and that for parents of Primary school children in Term 4. The course for parents of Intermediate school children is being re-written, so is unavailable in 2019. We hope to run this course in Term 1 of 2020.

St Ronan’s Toolbox parenting courses are supported by The Eastbourne Lions and The Wellington Trust – their support (about $400 per course) reduces course fees to a level that will exclude nobody. 

Regular Monthly Events

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