All our on site facilities are closed during the COVID 19 lockdown period. 

We continue with our own local Sunday services which are shared via email (contact slang@xtra.co.nz) and a new facebook page (contact reg@centralconsulting.co.nz). Selected sermons will be added to the website.

Please contact any one of the Local Ministry Team if you need any assistance over this time.

St Ronan's began in 1903. The first minister of St Ronan's would ferry over once a week from Wellington, sleep in a hammock in the church vestry and lead the Sunday service in the morning.

Now 114 years later, having been served by 15 ministers and thousands of people, St Ronan's seeks to carry on its long tradition and be a church of the 21st century.

At St Ronan's we welcome all people regardless of church background. We operate under the umbrella of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The church is set within the unique seaside community of Eastbourne, which has a population of about 4000 people and lies on the opposite side of the harbour from Wellington city.

St Ronan's Church