Playground opening June 2017

It’s official now! It was a bleak, damp, cold Saturday afternoon but the official opening of St Ronan’s new play equipment on 24 June was a very heart-warming occasion.

Parish Clerk Sandy Lang had invited all the right people – representatives from Pencarrow Rotary, the Eastbourne Lions, Eastbourne Community Board and the Hutt City Council, organisations that had all supported St Ronan’s funding applications for the new equipment.

Speeches were kept nice and short, as requested, with our former minister Rev Sharon Ross-Ensor, currently acting Assembly Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church, praising St Ronan’s for making such a clear demonstration of its commitment to ministry to children and families. She also read a message from the Church’s Kids Friendly national coach, Jill Kayser.

His Worship the Mayor Ray Wallace spoke of the importance of pre-school education in children’s future development and success at school. He described the support St Ronan’s had generated for the project as a great example of a strong community working together for the good of all members.

After cutting the red ribbon and enjoying watching former Hutt City Councillor Joy Baird’s grandchildren trying out the play equipment, it was into the Fellowship Room for a welcome hot drink and a generous selection of food. Thanks to everyone from St Ronan’s who helped on the day to make it such a memorable and successful event.

Anne Manchester