Beanies 2007 - 2010

 December 2010

Carol reports that 3 parcels have gone out this November: to Rwanda , Kenya and Nepal . The steady demand continues.

Thank you to all who keep clacking those needles together, though probably not while the Christmas dinner is cooking! 
God bless you

The following photos were part of a thank you photo board received by Carol from Global Volunteer Network.



 November 2010 - knitting from around NZ

No parcels have been sent away this month. Diwen our contact at GVN has been on leave and is due back soon, then we will be up and running again.

Our stocks were quite low and it has been a good time to build them up again. I am always amazed at how it all happens, on its own!!!! 

This month I have received parcels of knitting, from the West Coast and Christchurch . The latter was from Helen Phillips who sends her love to St Ronan's Family. She is settling down to life in Christchurch , despite the Shake not long after she arrived.

I know of more knitting coming from Tauranga and I have more to pick up from Eastbourne and the Hutt. The Eastbourne Womens Club, Waiwhetu Uniting Church and a person I do not know (friend of a friend) have all given me parcels of knitting.

What a great caring community. God bless you all


 October 2010 - at least 120kg of knitting over the last year!
Our stocks of beanies are running low, so I would encourage all beanie knitters in their knitting endeavours. We need all sizes, from baby to adult, wool or acrylic. Bootees, vests/tops, blankets and knitted toys are also acceptable.

This last month, we have sent parcels to Vietnam , Peru , Kenya and two to Nepal . Each beanie etc is making a difference to someone, and although the GVN volunteers are able to take only 2 to 5kg in their luggage, the knitting is getting into places that need it. Over the last year we sent 40 parcels with volunteers. Multiply that, at an average of 3kg a parcel, and we have sent 120kg of knitting at least. Is this outreach worthwhile?

Yes, without a doubt. Thank you to all and God bless you


 August 2010
Carol sent off five parcels in August: to Kenya and Vietnam of baby clothes, nappies, and bottles from Mainly Music; to Nepal , Ethiopia and Botswana . If you have some larger sized knitting ready, she is making two parcels ready to go to Nepal next month. You are a busy lot! 

 July 2010-beanies, clothes, nappies, money 

It has been more than beanies on the list this month. A request from me to Mainly Music families, has resulted in a parcel of second-hand baby clothes and cloth nappies etc., going with two GVN co-ordinators to an orphanage in Vietnam .

Since then we have heard of an orphanage in Kenya which is very short of cloth nappies, baby blankets and baby bottles. This request came from a GVN volunteer in Kenya at present. Her husband is joining her shortly and is happy to take some of these items in if we get them. We hope to be able to send some with him.

Two other parcels of knitting left in July, one to Peru and the other to Kenya .

I would like to acknowledge the donation of $100 from a craft group at Knox Church . This group is no longer active, and we do appreciate their kindness to us. This money will be used towards courier costs to send parcels of knitting to GVN volunteers throughout New Zealand who so kindly take it in their luggage to their placements overseas. 
Keep up the good work. Thanks to all who support this venture. We appreciate you all.

Need wool? Phone Carol Pringle  

 June 2010- a busy month 
June has been a busy month. Parcels have been sent to Rwanda, Vietnam and three to Kenya. We have two further parcels due out beginning of July. Working with Global Volunteer Network is proving to be very successful and there seems to be a steady supply of volunteers willing to add some knitting to their baggage. The great thing about this is that the knitting is getting through to folk who need it. So far this year alone, we have sent over twenty parcels. Beanies included in parcels this year number over 600 and most parcels contain other items as well, such as baby vests, bootees and blankets. Thanks to all knitters at St Ronan's, Waiwhetu Uniting Church, and in and around Eastbourne, Lower Hutt and beyond. Your efforts are much appreciated and because of you this outreach continues to grow.

God bless you all.

 April 2010- knitters from around NZ 

Parcels of knitting have gone this month to Cambodia , Vietnam , Ethiopia and Rwanda. We have also given some baby beanies and vests to Hutt Hospital Delivery suite. It is just amazing how the knitting comes in and the requests are filled.

I would like to acknowledge the enthusiastic knitters. The group has grown far beyond St Ronan's. We have knitters from the Eastbourne community, and the Hutt, one in Tauranga and another in Karamea on the West Coast. A special mention to the group at Waiwhetu Uniting Church and the Eastbourne Womens' Club. Together we are making a difference, thanks to you all.

A variety of knitted goods make up the parcels. These include beanies, vests, blankets, bootees, scarves and even toys. If you want to knit and need wool, please phone me. Carol Pringle  

 March 2010

The knitted garments continue to be made and our stocks which were very low are building up again. This means we are ready for the next request from Global Volunteer Network and can fill a parcel quickly.

I am sad to report that the link with the hospital in Kandahar , Afghanistan , is broken and we cannot get parcels there at present. This is due to the probable withdrawal of Red Cross from the hospital and no longer having a contact there. Thanks to Chris Hughes, who had been able to find us a mail contact, and to her sister Avril Owens who packed the parcels for Afghanistan . Thanks to East Harbour Red Cross who donated the postage money. With your help, and the enthusiastic knitters, we have been able to send twelve parcels there over the last couple of years. God willing we will find another way to get knitting into Afghanistan .

Some of the baby knitting will now go to Hutt Hospital Delivery Suite. Chris Hughes who is a midwife there tells us it is needed here in Lower Hutt . Baby knitting is also always able to be included in other overseas parcels.

God bless you all, Carol Pringle 
And please contact me if you need wool etc. 

 November 2009 - non-stop 

After a very quiet couple of months when no parcels of knitting were requested, November has been non-stop. Five parcels have been sent off: three to Nepal and one to Peru with Global Volunteer Network Volunteers; and also mailed a parcel of newborn knitting to Kandahar , Afghanistan .

We have willing delivery volunteers in December and January and hope to send knitting with them to Nepal , Vietnam , India , Panama , Cambodia and Ethiopia . So far we have been able to fill all requests, because of all the wonderful knitters at St Ronans, Waiwhetu Uniting Church , and in the wider community. Without you all it would not happen. Thanks for your amazing enthusiasm and commitment.

We are making a difference

As well as beanies in all sizes, other items you can make to include in the parcels are baby vests, bootees, blankets, child jerseys, scarves, and toys.

We would welcome new knitters to help us keep up with demand. We appreciate all your efforts, and every beanie means one more warm head somewhere in the world. God bless you all.

Need wool or patterns or encouragement? 
Phone Carol Pringle  

 June 2009 - over 2000 beanies

The knitting continues. Four parcels of beanies have been sent out in May with Global Volunteer Network volunteers: to Venda province, northern South Africa near the Zimbabwe border, to the Honduras (a new country for our beanies), to Afghanistan and to Kenya .

In all we have now sent over 2000 beanies, plus numerous baby vests, bootees, scarves, knitted slippers and baby jackets and blankets to eleven countries over the past two years.

Thanks to all the knitters and donators of yarn for having made this possible.

Cold winter evenings are a great time to get out the knitting needles and create a little bit of love and warmth for someone somewhere.

 March 2009 - 10th country for knitting 

We have just sent 150 beanies to Cuzco , in Peru . This is the 10 th country for our knitting. It went with two coordinators from Global Volunteer Network. Two more destinations are coming up, South Africa and Honduras in June. Thanks for the continuing supply of lovely hats, scarves, bootees and vests.

A recent email from Nepal said:

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone involved, as donations like yours ensures that our children have good quality clothes to wear (made with love), and this enables the cash we receive in support of looking after the children to go much further. "

We thank the Women's Group at Waiwhetu Uniting Church ,for helping us knit and for giving us $100 for postage, that will see more parcels go to Miriwais Hospital , Kandahar , Afghanistan. 
Together, we are making a difference in this practical way, spreading a little of God's love and caring.

It is not too late to join us, if you would like to knit too. If you need wool etc, please contact me. 
Carol Pringle  

 March 2009 - Afghanistan, Kenya, Nepal 

It has been a busy month. Three parcels of baby knitting has been mailed to Miriwais Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan . From all accounts these parcels are received with joy by the staff there, and we are making a difference to the newborn babies. A package of 70 beanies has been sent to Kenya and another to Nepal of 60 beanies, 20 scarves and 7 pairs of knitted slippers.

We have been joined by a band of knitters from Waiwhetu Uniting Church and their contributions are included in these latest parcels. This happened when a member of that church donated us some wool, and on hearing what we are achieving they offered to knit too, which is wonderful.

Keep up the great knitting. We always seem to have places to send it. I still have plenty of wool if you need it.

 February 2009 

It amazes me just how the knitted beanies etc. get to me. Almost every week I find them in the letter box, get given them at church, or get a phone call that some need picking up. It is wonderful that the knitting goes on and so do the places to send them to.

In December, we sent more beanies to Kenya , and a further package will be going there at the end of February.

We continue to mail regular parcels to Miriwais Hospital in Kandahar , Afghanistan , of baby vests, beanies and bootees. The East Harbour Red Cross gave us a further $200 for the postage so we thank them very much.

Check the display in the Fellowship Room for new photos from Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

If you need wool etc. please ask me or take some from the box in the crèche at the back of the church.

God bless you all for all your hard work. We are making a difference in this small way. 
Carol Pringle

 December 2008 - South Africa, Vietnam 

The knitters are continuing to grow in numbers and beyond St Ronan's. We have been joined by knitters from the Eastbourne community, Hutt Valley , Kapiti, and even further north. It is just amazing how it is all happening. The enthusiasm seems to be contagious, and the piles of finished beanies, vests etc that appear are wonderful. So far we have been able to keep up with the requests.

Last month we sent 70 beanies to Venda , South Africa , and baby knitting of beanies, vests and bootees to orphanages in Danang in Vietnam .

The Mainly Music families donated some lovely baby clothes and these too (16kg) have gone to the Vietnam orphanages. Thanks so much to Mainly Music , your love and generosity is very much appreciated. Global Volunteer Network Volunteers are taking the goods in when they travel there, so it is a big thanks to them as well.

We are still hoping to be able to send beanies into Nepal in January, and continue to send regular parcels of knitting to Miriwais Hospital in Kandahar , Afghanistan , for the newborn babies there.

Keep knitting - there will always be places to send to. The needs are huge, but for some we have made a small difference. At least they have warm heads!

Below is a note from Mongolia , and photos of these children are in the Fellowship Room.

Dear Carol and other ladies at the Knitting Group, 

We have received the lovely beanies you have made for us and handed them to children who attend World Vision Mongolia 's Child Development and Protection Program Day Activity center for ex-street children. 

Children were very grateful for the gifts as cold winter is approaching us in Mongolia and they will help them to survive in the cold winter. 

Many many thanks for your big heart for vulnerable children in Mongolia . 

Teacher at the center took some pics of children wearing your products. 

God bless you all, 
Ijilmurun Yalalt 
CEDC Program Officer 
World Vision Mongolia

Need wool etc.? I still have plenty or take it from the box in the crèche at St Ronan's. Carol Pringle  

 September 2008 - India, Afghanistan, Mexico 

Another parcel of baby knitting has been mailed to Kandahar , Afghanistan . This contained beanies, vests and bootees. We have been able to maintain sending a parcel there every 5-6 weeks, so thanks for all your efforts in keeping up the supply.

A parcel of 80 beanies has been given to Wendy Manson, and these will go to an orphanage in Mexico . They will be taken in by members of The Rock congregation, who go there annually as part of a working group with Global Tribe.

Global Volunteer Network has also asked for beanies for Ethiopia and Vietnam later this year, as they have volunteers willing to take them in. 
Need wool? Phone  Carol Pringle 

From Ladakh: School was out for holidays in most villages outside the capital Leh. What will I do with the 24 beanies in my bag? We did find two groups of school children though (of course) the beanies were in my bag on the horses, and also the supply was dwindling. Seven went to Markha village children, and another seven went back to Hankar village school (after a determined mother walked 2-3 hours up to our next camp to collect them!). The other 10 had found heads of a little one here, and another one there. Hope they can read my scribbled notes that they came from St Ronan's - with love. Jan Heine

School was on holiday but these 7 pupils were playing around in Markha village and so here they are with their beanies.


 August 2008 - India 

Jan Heine took 30 Beanies with her into Ladakh . ( Northern India ), where she is tramping. This is a new destination for beanies. A further 70 beanies will soon be on their way to an Orphanage further south in India . It is just amazing how we keep hearing of hearing of places that would appreciate our knitting, and how we have been able to send it in. It is great to be able to share Gods love in this small but practical way. More destinations are on the horizon and so the knitting goes on.

Need wool? Phone Carol Pringle 

 July 2008 - Afghanistan 

A further parcel has been mailed to Khandahar this month. We gratefully acknowledge a gift of money from the East Harbour Red Cross to cover postage to Khandahar. Because of their generosity, we will be able to send monthly parcels there for some time. We need baby beanies, vests and bootees for these parcels.

A further 100 beanies, all sizes are going to Bamiyan , Afghanistan and these will be distributed by NZ troops. Bamiyan is a new destination for our beanies.

Eastbourne Library is planning a display on the Beanie Knitting for a week from 26th June.

Thanks to all the knitters - your enthusiasm and commitment is wonderful. There are more destinations on the horizon, so all knitting is very much appreciated. If you need wool, phone me or pick up some from St Ronans (container of wool in the crèche room at the back of church).  Carol Pringle  


 June 2008 - Afghanistan, Mongolia 

We have a good supply of wool thanks to the write up in the Dominion Post (& photos). If you need wool, please let me know and I will supply you.

As well as beanies, you can make baby vests and bootees and scarves. All sizes of beanies are acceptable, from baby to adult. We have places for them to go.

Two further parcels of baby knitting have been mailed to Afghanistan .

We are hoping to send more to Kenya , but need another volunteer from Global Volunteer Network to be going from New Zealand . We may possibly be sending into Ethiopia in July.

The beanies arrived safely in Mongolia , and we have photos of some happy recipients wearing them. They are street children who live in the city of Ulan Baartar . This Mission Outreach has grown beyond our expectations. It is a joy to share God's great love in this small, but warm-ing and caring way. We can make a difference.

 April 2008 - GVN Newsletter

The following article was included in the Global Volunteer Network's April 2008 Newsletter which is emailed to thousands worldwide. You can read the online version here or the reproduced article below:

Blessed by Beanies

She never imagined she would have a hand in knitting over 700 beanies for children she would never meet. But once Carol Pringle started, she just couldn't stop!

Carol Pringle is the New Zealand woman leading an army of knitters who are dedicated to providing children in need with warm woollies for winter.

GVN's Lauren McMahon interviewed Carol about the 'Beanies and Blessings' campaign which seems to be growing by the day!

GVN: Where did the idea come from to send beanies to children in need? 
Carol: A group of women from St Ronans Presbyterian Church, NZ, started knitting bootees to welcome new babies at the weekly Mainly Music Program. We went on to make beanies, which we sold to the families and raised $275 for health initiatives at Nepal Orphanages. We felt it would be great if we could make beanies for the children at the orphanage as well. A beanie made especially for them. A gift for each child. We aimed to make 240 beanies, which initially seemed like a large target. We made them and kept on knitting!

GVN: How many beanies do you think you and your army of knitters have made altogether? 
Carol: Since forming the group about 15mths ago we have made in excess of 700 beanies. We have also made more than 100 baby vests and about 40 pairs of baby bootees. We have just started on scarves as well.

GVN: Where in the world have you sent the beanies to? 
Carol: We have sent beanies to Nepal and Kenya through the Global Volunteer Network. We have also sent three parcels of beanies, vests and bootees to Afghanistan, to a local midwife who was working with the Red Cross at a hospital in Kandahar. Plus more beanies have left today and are headed for Mongolia!

GVN: Did you ever imagine you would be knitting beanies for children you have never met? 
Carol: I guess not, but it is a nice feeling knowing there are heads that are warm because of our beanies.

GVN: Is there a strong bond within the group of knitters from the experience? 
Carol: There is a bond among the knitters. I think too that some have found great pleasure and purpose in doing the knitting. The non knitters at St Ronans have helped supply wool and even paid postage when we have had to mail them. I think we have all been a little blessed by the beanies.

Our beanies are offered as a gift, at the Sunday morning service. A beanie isn't a large gift, but we know it will make a difference to someone. Their heads are warm and perhaps in their hearts they know that someone far away cares about them. We have no plans to stop knitting. What we saw as a one off project has snowballed and the enthusiasm among the knitters is fantastic. We have others beyond St Ronans joining us, so who knows what will happen.

GVN: What advice do you have for others who want to do something and make a difference in the world? 
Carol: Believe that you can make a difference and take that first step.


 May 2008 - Kenya, Mongolia 

The beanies sent to Kenya arrived there safely, and are already in use, because an email from Kenya Global Volunteer Network tells us that the weather has been very cold and wet, and our beanies have been given out to people living in tents in an Internally Displaced Persons' Camp. One of these camps had five child deaths caused by pneumonia over a recent weekend. It is hard for us to imagine living conditions such as these. So they have gone where the need was the greatest, and many more beanies could be used.

We also sent 70 beanies with Chris Bryan, to Mongolia. In an email from Chris, he says "I am on the Board of Vision Fund Mongolia (VFM, an offshoot of World Vision Mongolia), which is a Micro Finance Institution, i.e. we lend small amounts of capital to the entrepreneurial poor to both start up and expand small businesses. Women make up 90% of the clients. The staff of VFM meet their clients regularly to discuss repayments (they borrow on a 4-month cycle), business plans and new loans. They want to select some of their new clients with young families to receive the beanies."

Our beanie stocks were* low but the enthusiasm is still high to make more. At present we need child to adult sizes mostly. We will send more to Kenya as soon as we have them, and also have a parcel ready to go to Afghanistan .

To date we have made over 700 beanies, 140 baby vests, 50 pairs of bootees, and about 15 scarves, or in all 900 pieces of knitting which is no small number. Thanks to you all, we are making a difference to someone, with 700 warmer heads that we know about. It is not too late to join the knitters, and if you need wool etc, please phone me, Carol Pringle  

* But another 63 singlets, 133 beanies, 8pr bootees came with the knitters who gathered Thursday 24 th April for the DominionPost cameraman (see Anzac Day issue).


 March 2008 - And the knitting goes on....

We are now making baby vests and bootees as well as all sizes of beanies. Thanks so much to all the enthusiastic knitters who are making this happen. We are making a difference to someone. May they know that we care.

We have received photos of Nepal orphans and of babies in Afghanistan wearing our beanies (photos are on display at St Ronan's and one is below).

A third parcel of beanies, vests and bootees has just been sent to Miriwias Hospital , Kandahar , Afghanistan , where Chris Hughes is serving as a midwife with the Red Cross.

We also have beanies waiting to go into Tibet .

Following is an excerpt of a letter from Chris:

I am so grateful for all the love and kindness you have shown, by making the lovely baby clothes. I would like to express sincere thanks from all the staff and mothers, and wish you to know that these items have been very gratefully received. It is winter here. We are so glad of the extra layers sent to us with blessings. God bless you all.

We will continue to knit. If you would like to join us, or can supply us with some wool to knit up, it would be much appreciated. If you need more wool, or information, or have a donation, please see me or phone me.  Carol Pringle

St Ronan's beanies on their new owners at Brighter Future Children's Home, Kathmandu Valley

November 2007 - Afghanistan, Nepal 

In Afghanistan Chris Hughes has arrived with her 120 baby-sized beanies, which was far more than I thought we would be able to send. Thanks to all the wonderful knitters responsible. It is just amazing.

In Nepal the first batch has arrived there safely with Kate Donnelly . The weather in Nepal is already turning cooler and the children have been given their beanies and are wearing them to the Dashain Festival, which runs the whole of October. They are very happy with them, as she has recorded in her article about her time volunteering at the orphanage. 
Many thanks to you all, Carol Pringle


 September 2007 - Nepal

We have the numbers completed for the Nepal Orphanages, and the first 140 beanies are on their way with Kate Donnelly. Kate is a teacher at Muritai School who is going to Nepal to work in the orphanage for several weeks. We will be sending in another 80 beanies as soon as we know of another worker going in. The beanies are going to six orphanages and the word from Nepal is that they are delighted to receive them.

Thank you to all the knitters, donators of wool etc who have made this possible. You are welcome to keep knitting. There are other places interested in the beanies.

Blessing the beanies at St Ronans, August 2007