Financial information

All our on site facilities are closed during the COVID 19 lockdown period. 

We continue with our own local Sunday services which are shared via email (contact and a new facebook page (contact Selected sermons will be added to the website.

Please contact any one of the Local Ministry Team if you need any assistance over this time.

The Ministry at St Ronan's is carried out through the regular financial support of those who are a part of the church. The St Ronan's budget is spent in five areas:

Parish Costs
Presbyterian Levies
Mission and Outreach

The annual budget is managed by the Finance and Property committee: Warren Bolger, Ren Davies, Peter Burke, Simon Shaw

Ways of giving to St Ronan's

There are two ways of giving which enable you to keep a track of your giving and, if relevant, provide you with the information necessary for a tax rebate.
Automatic payment is a simple way of making a regular offering to the church. This just requires you to set up an automatic payment from your bank account to St Ronan's.
Bank of New Zealand - Petone Branch: ST RONAN'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
Account number: 02 0544 0142859 00
(This is all the information you need to set this up.)
The Envelope System is still a common way of giving at St Ronan's. Helen Withy, the envelope secretary, is able to provide you with a regular supply of envelopes. These envelopes are placed in the offering plate during the Sunday collection.
Total annual giving will be provided for tax purposes to those with automatic payments set up and those using the envelope system.

Financial Statements

St Ronan's is a registered charity and, as such, is required to submit a return to the Charities Services each year.

You can download and read the returns for the latest financial years here: Charities Services link